Bouvé faculty, Katherine Carlisle, Minnie L. Lynn, Catherine Allen, and Kathryn Luttgens, review history publication, ca. 1966

A Proud Past…

Bouvé students and educators have advocated for physical wellness as an educational pursuit throughout the school’s history. Combined with a commitment to public service, lessons on exercise, body mechanics, and rehabilitation paved the way for physical therapy to become a popular course of study. Bouvé physical therapy students have proved their credentials through wartime service, as aides during the polio epidemic, and as adept practitioners in a variety of settings. As movement specialists, “Physios” or “PTs” bring a specialized knowledge of the body and its mechanics to their work. Their patient-centered ethic of care also fosters attitudes of service and professionalism that mark Boston-Bouvé College today.

…A Promising Future

The department of physical therapy commemorates a century of educational leadership and innovation in 2015. Now titled the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences, the department continues to honor its roots while recognizing the ever-advancing nature of physical therapy education.